Drachen Bar

On my page you can find a lot of things.
Because of this it becomes very complex...

Now I will try to make a kind of "Site-Map" of my page,
and try to write down, what you can find!

Home   Mainpage this homepage;
Often with new layout
(just what is topical)
Updates   Here you can find the updates to the different point
on which I've worked,
each with a direct link marked.
Search my Site   A nice function to search my site
for favoured catchwords
News   Here you can find every now and then
News about the Kelly Family
Stories   Stories from young artists.
It is very profitable!
And it gets more and more! :o)
Poems   On this page I'll publishe poems.
Some are written by myself.
Others from nice people,
which gave me theirs!
Concertreviews   On this page you can find
reports about concerts and experiences with the Kelly's
Dates   Tourdates and TV-Dates you can find here
Articles   Newspaperarticles, Inverviews or Newsletter,
you can read here.
Photos   Here I will display the photos which fans send me.
They are sorted by date!
Opinions   This rubric is very important!
What are other fans thinking about different themes
which deal with the Kelly Family?
What can we do, to give the Kelly's more freedom?
Kelly-Fun   Nice things to have fun.
e.g.: Kelly-Puzzles, Winamp-Skins
Lyrics   A list of nearly all Kelly Songs.
As well as lyrics of the Kelly's and Adam O' Henry.
Kelly-Midis   Lots of beautiful Midis from Kelly Songs
which I found in the net.
Searching...   Page with want ads from fans
Kelly-Links   A linkliste to quite a lot of nice homepages!
(scheduled by me)
Linkliste   A linkliste, where each one
can sign in his page on one's own
Guestbook   My guestbook!
I'm glad about every entry! :o)
Awards   The awerds, I've won
Gifts   Lots of sweet things I've got from nice people
Mailingliste   Community-Mailingliste,
in which every one can sign in who has interest!
Useful infos, news, or simply chat..
Kelly-Chat   The Big Kelly-Chat
where incorporate several webmasters!
Kelly-Rings   Kelly-Rings and Lists, where you can register
and where you can vote for me.
Polls   Polls around the Kelly-Family
Non-Kelly Forum   A forum, where you can talk about everything,
whis has NOTHING to do with the Kelly Family!
About me
and other
interesting things
  My private Homepage!
Here you can see pictures,
make an IQ-Test,
read jokes,
search the Top-Level-Domains
and so much more...
Archive   In the archive I deposit old pages,
which are not layed down on an other place.
As par example: old mainpages, greetings, and so on....
Entrance Page   My Entrance Page, where you can choose
between the different versions of my homepage!
It exists a german and an english one!
German Page   The english version of my homepage!


Drachen Bar

Last update: 21/08/2001

(Online since: 06/07/2000)

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