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On this page I will put your poems!
So, if you made some, then please send them to me!

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Poems (~ Non-Kelly ~)

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*Angst* by Uli [GER]

*Barbarina* by Heidi [GER]

*Blaue Augen* by Rose [GER]

*Danke* by Rose [GER]

*Danke Barby* by Barby K. [GER]

*Deine Mama* by Magda [GER]

*Der Schein trügt* by Barby K. [GER]

*Du bist ein Mann* by me (Simone/Binky) [GER]

*Egoisten* by Heidi [GER]

*Ein bisschen Disziplin* by me (Simone/Binky) [GER]

*Einst* by Barby K. [GER]

*Ein Täublein* by Heidi [GER]

*Eure Mama* by Heidi [GER]

*Frei - wie ein Vogel* by me (Simone/Binky) [GER]

*Für den Ersten* by Kimba [GER]

*Gedanken* by Berrit [GER]

*Genau wie ich* by Berrit [GER]

*His way of dying* by Wiebke [GER]

*Ich vermisse Dich* by Tina [GER]

*It's your own life* by Maja [ENG]

*Just one touch* by me (Simone/Binky) [ENG/GER]

*Just take a look* by me (Simone/Binky) [ENG/GER]

*Kalter Frühling* by Heidi [GER]

*Lebenswichtige Leiter* by me (Simone/Binky) [GER]

*Let somebody go sometime* by Maja [ENG]

*Mondenkind* by Barby K. [GER]

*Nanana* by Kimba [GER]

*No one* by Maja [ENG]

*Schein* by Rose [GER]

*Seifenblasen* by Heidi [GER]

*Seine Augen* by Kimba [GER]

*Sonne am Horizont I* by Heidi [GER]

*Sonne am Horizont II* by Heidi [GER]

*St. Barbara Ann* by Rose [GER]

*Tausend Worte* by Heidi [GER]

*Thank you for your music* by Uli [ENG]

*Träume* by Rose [GER]

*Träumerischer Tanz* by Janine [GER]

*Unterschiede* by Berrit [GER]

*Veränderungen* by Katha [GER]

*Verzeiht uns* by Berrit [GER]

*Walking down the alley* by Jenny [ENG]

*Warum* by Rose [GER]

*Wenn es so wäre* by Kimba [GER]

*Why don't you understand?* by me (Simone/Binky) [ENG]

*Wie ein Clown* by me (Simone/Binky) [GER]

*Wo bist Du?* by me (Simone/Binky) [GER]

*Wo sind sie geblieben?* by Heidi [GER]

*Zu spät erkannt* by Wiebke [GER]

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