- Warning about wrong fans -



This story is a sort of a warning.
All fans know that there are lots of crazy fans. We all know how bad they are for the Kelly's. But do we know, how bad they are for all the other fans?
This story will explain you what I mean with this. I am talking out of experience.

2 years ago I met a girl. She was Kelly fan, I was Kelly fan. And we became friends. We knew each other before but we loose contact. But because of the Kelly's, we became friends again.
After a few weeks, my mother told me she was crazy. But I didn't believed her. Somewhere deep inside I knew she was right… but I just didn't want to believe her. My friend talked so crazy about The Kelly's, as if she know them personally. And my mother thought that was crazy.

After a few months, I got crazy too. And my mother warned me… but I told her that it wasn't true… even if it was… One day, when I was at my friend, her clock felled down, and broke her poster. She got mad and throw her clock trough her room… I smiled, and didn't give it any attention. But I knew my mother was right. When my mother really warned me that I am crazy, and even my father told me that I was crazy and that it was all because of my friend, I woke up!
I looked at her with different eyes. That was 1 year after I met her. I talked to some girls that also know her, and they are both Kelly fan too. And both told me how crazy she is. I let them talk and said nothing about what I knew.

Whit those different eyes, we got fights so much. About Gymnich, about 2/ 3 days sleep before a concert. About meeting Kelly's and what to do to meet them… and go on like that. About my new friend who is normal, and whit who I got better friends. I really saw her change even more, when she got in contact with a woman from a fanclub.
And I only saw her one time a month. She was really obsessed with chatting, and also that was taking care of big fights. We even had fights on that chat, not normal contact anymore.

I really got a great best friend, who still is my friend. She also is a Kelly fan, but she is a normal fan. We both share everything. And we don't have fights about it.
And one day that crazy girl got so mad at me. I got a tape what she want to have. But I got so sick of her. I had to pay for everything I want to have from her in the past… and she always wants something back for it… I know that I was childish, but I told her that I only gave her the tape if she gives me a other tape… But she got mad. And that was the end of our friendship. Luckily.

Some weeks I had the idea that it was my fault and that I am a bad friend. But my other friend (my real best friend) still is my friend, and we never had a fight. We are friends for 6 months now. She didn't change me into crazy. And we see each other one time in 2 weeks.

This story isn't to make the girl black who I talked about. It is just one of the many crazy fans. I want to warn you for them. They change not only the life of the Kelly's into a hell, but they also change your life into hell.


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